Have you ever seen the Monferrato Hills?

    Monferrato Hills


The Monferrato Casalese, an homogeneous zone in Piedmont, near Alessandria, at the centre of the “industrial area” conserves itself and it remain for “human dimension”.

It is a land rich in history (and we can see that everywhere) and in charm thanks to the beauties of nature and construction (it is “unique”, we write it now, the red of vineyard). The landscape is different: we can find vine growing or wood and at the contrary more populated areas and remote valley.

The view is attracted by numerous and stately manors, towers and ruins that set up a precious property interesting in history and art, and it offers to the tourist a suggestive picture of old warrior power and incomparable beauty. Cathedrals, churches and chapels present in all town a particular mystic charm.

From the top of the hills we can admire the suggestive landscape where the river Po flows and the rice plain looks like a mirror because of sunbeam. In winter you have the impression to touch the snowy Alpi. A free place that is starting a new intelligent relaunching, also with the construction of farm holydays.


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