Convento San Giuseppe, Cagliari, Sardinia

Welcome to Sardinia, the 2nd largest island in the Mediterranean Sea.
Situated in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, Sardinia with its app. 1.800 kilometres of coastline, is one of the most popular destinations for people who love aquatic sports and seaside holidays, not only for its natural beauty and geographical position but also for its history.
The many waves of invaders who plundered and settled in Sardinia during the thousands of years of Sardinian history, came from the sea.
In this precious island you will find a genuine and real hospitality made of traditions and innovations.
One of the best place I suggest for wedding is the Convento San Giuseppe of Cagliari.
This place is full of perfumes and colors. Deep in the green, in a country land, near the sea.
You’ll find there a gentle support for your wedding party and a sweet person who will take care of all your desires.
Try the experience of a fairytale. Go and visit their website at


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