CASINA VALADIER – Wedding in Rome

Celebrate your wedding in the Classic Rome.
Casina Valadier rises up on the ancient Collis Hortulorum, the highest point of Pincio, where in the past great Roman families owned the most sumptuous and vast gardens in Rome. It was built between 1816 and 1837 by Giuseppe Valadier, a well-known Roman architect and urban planner, involved in the important restoration of Piazza Del Popolo and Pincio in Rome. Valadier revised in neoclassical style the prior Casino Della Rota, a 16th century building built on the remains of an ancient Roman cistern. From the beginning, Casina was planned and built to be used as a meeting and ceremony place after the manner of French Bistro but not withstanding the incredible beauty of the place and the view, a lot of time was needed to obtain the satisfaction of the Romans, patrons of other famous meeting places such as the Caffè Veneziano on the Corso or Nazzarri in Piazza di Spagna. Only after the First World War did Casina become the most fashionable place in Rome, a haunt for artists, intellectuals and political figures of the world. In Casina Valadier album of honour there are autographs of celebrated personalities such as Gandhi, King Farouk, Strauss, Pirandello and many more.


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