Meet SchickiMickis, Accessories & Jewlery designer

A touch of a Milanese glam, with a strong Berliner vintage.

SchickiMicki is a German expression for the term trendy, and widely used as the german evil twin of “fancy-schmancy”.

The artist behind is Anat, a beautiful israelian girl.

“I graduated Tel Aviv University with a master degree in Sociology and worked for a while in human resources. I had a whole path already laid out for me, until one day I decided to leave it all behind. I moved to Milan and studied jewelry and accessory design. It was one of the best experiences of my life, and that was just the beginning of my international roller coaster. I lived and started designing in Prague and Berlin and just recently moved back to Tel Aviv eager to focus on my designs. I am thankful for every step of the way. You can say it threw me out of the box. The best thing I learned during those years was not to be afraid to get lost in the woods”.

Her designs refer to that elusive tension between warm and cold materials, geometric sharp and curvy soft shapes, the whole and its parts, the notion of cheap and luxurious, elegant and funky, eastern and western… all as a reflection of the opposing and crossing identities we are all composed of.

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