Meet the stylist Elisabetta Polignano

Elisabetta Polignano was born in Putignano, a small town near Bari, which is well known as the Italian capital of wedding dresses.

She started her academic education in Design when she was a teenager but never neglected practicality, serving her apprenticeship with local artisans. At their workrooms she learnt and refined the art of dressmaking and enhanced that sort of manual and practical intelligence which enables her to shape materials into the finest expression of her creative vision.

When 19, she left home to Milan to study architecture. There she had the opportunity to work with prestigious fashion houses and after some years she came to wedding fashion which she loved most.
She personally follows the making of each dress which bears the imprint of her passion, of her care, and of her commitment.

In her new collection new ideas and methods have been researched and experimented to meet the taste of fine romanticism, which is underlined by the names of the models reminding lady writers, poetesses, heroines of romances.

The dresses appear in large, soft , filmy lines and light consistency as if they were to be worn by air creatures. The range of colours changes from classic white to yellow and orange which give the dresses a character of radiance and vital energy : the chief feature of Elisabetta Polignano’s work.

via Verbano 17 Oleggio (NO) IT


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