A Luxury Travel Blog

A Luxury Travel Blog.

For travellers in search of the beautiful, the pursuit of innovative design is an exhilarating experience. While some of the top design destinations in the world are well-known to even novice design seekers, there are some that may surprise you. To start planning your next holiday, take a look at some of these cutting-edge design destinations.


Of course, when speaking of design, Milan never goes unnoticed. Considered by many to be the design epicentre of the world, this Italian city (the country’s second most populated) is a juggernaut in all things aesthetically appealing. From interior design to fashion and photography, if you want the very best, you’re destined to go to Milan. Renovated warehouses turned studios, such as SuperStudio on Via Forcella and Spazio Forma on Piazza Tito Lucrezo Caro, are just as quintessential in this European destination as lattes with extra foam.

5 Top destinations


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  1. I love Milan.I like the places there.Beautiful cities and the hotels are luxurious.I’ll definitely visit Milan again.I can’t wait!

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